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Celoxis Review – A Simple and Intuitive Team Management Platform

by Selipha Kihagi
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Do you feel you are investing too much time, money and energy on repetitive tasks and manual data collection? Leaders and project managers work hard to encourage their team members to work as a single unit with their minds set on the same goal – to deliver the best possible product. 

The key to any successful project completion is the ease of communication, good organization, and overall efficiency. To streamline your processes and keep your team in the loop, there is a need for a centralized platform. 

That is where the project management tool comes into action. Let us read more about Celoxis which is an effective and simple team management platform.

What is Celoxis?

Celoxis is an all-in-one project management tool that eliminates the need for managing various spreadsheets, emails and other files within a project. The project managers can use it to collaborate with their colleagues or clients while handling a project. 

It is capable of managing both small projects and large, multimillion-dollar projects efficiently. Celoxis’s comprehensive features help address the real-world complexities of managing projects across organizations. The tool is highly customizable to suit a variety of business needs. 

Key features of Celoxis

  • Project tracking

The tracking dashboard of Celoxis allows the project manager to track milestones, tasks, and other project-related activities. It has got health indicators to track the progress and estimate the completion. The red, amber and green alert signals help the project managers to identify problematic areas. 

  • Project accounting

This tool helps measure the actual and estimated costs and revenue generated within a project. The managers can access real-time data on KPIs such as profits and margins. Celoxis project management tool supports milestone-based billing along with various other billing modes.

  • Project request tracking

Project managers can pull various task requests from multiple sources such as emails or spreadsheets. They can sort these requests through various attributes like time, cost, risk or benefit, etc.

  • Resource management

The resource management tool includes multiple shifts, vacation or sick leave. Celoxis allows the creation of virtual users who don’t have access to the software but can join the discussions and receive alerts about the ongoing project. 

  • Project planning

Celoxis can help build project plans that allow flexibility based on real-world situations. Some of the notable features are Gantt charts, interproject dependencies, assigning multiple resources, etc.

  • Collaboration

The project managers can collaborate with their team using online discussion forums and a shareable calendar. Celoxis also provides pages that include an activity stream and a notification centre.

The users can share files with each other, and each file has built-in version control. Along with that, there is a free client portal for the clients to share information that is relevant to the project.

  • Custom workflow

Celoxis allows custom workflow apps for organizations that want the automated workflow to meet their requirements. For instance, apps for risk management, issue, and bug tracking, etc. come under this category. The organizations have the choice to customize apps or even create their own apps.

Celoxis – Pricing and Plans

Celoxis provides users with two different plans. You can opt for the online version called the cloud plan, or host the software and your data with the On-premise plan. There is no free version of the tool, but you can get a free trial that does not require a credit card. 

The Cloud Plan will cost you $25 per user per month, with a minimum of 5 people. Celoxis provides you with a discount if you pay for one or two years up front. This plan offers 2GB storage per person, which is pooled among the team. By paying an extra $10 per month, you can get 10GB of storage.

The On-Premise plan, on the other hand, costs a flat one-time purchase of $450 per person, with a minimum of 5 people required. You will get timely updates from Celoxis along with a remarkable support. 

If you pay for Celoxis, you will get everything that it offers as compared to other tools that offer a range of plans with different limitations.

Celoxis – Customer support

Celoxis offers international customer support with multiple languages that make it suitable for global teams. Their remote services are satisfactory for most of the customers. They provide telephonic support 24 hours a day, five days a week along with self-service support materials. They offer paid services too that includes remote installation and data migration. 

Why choose Celoxis?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing Celoxis as your project management tool:

  1. You will get documents security that you share throughout the project.
  2. It is budget-friendly.
  3. The user interface is easy to use and suitable for the newbies also.
  4. The tool is flexible enough to be customized as per user needs.
  5. The time to time updates makes sure that the user gets a better experience using it.

These points are capable of assuring the performance of Celoxis a project management tool.

Bottom line

Celoxis is continuously getting better with the latest release having features such as resource capacity management features, new integrations, data-specific reporting options, and enhanced user experience. Apart from this, it is a great Microsoft Project alternative that you can opt without any second thoughts. 

On an all, it is simple to use, comes with adequate support, and suitable project management tool even for the inexperienced team members and managers.

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