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Facebook Adds Dark Theme to It’s Messenger App, Goes Mute On WhatsApp’s Update.

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Facebook has updated its Messenger app for desktop with a has launched a new version of its Facebook Messenger app for desktop with support for dark mode.

Messenger joins the long list of applications that have upgraded their apps to the dark mode.

WhatsApp, on the contrary, has nothing yet for its users despite much anticipation.

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Dark mode flips the app’s colour scheme, toning down the brightness and replacing white backgrounds with black.

From the previous user experiences, the dark theme saves energy for OLED and AMOLED screens. It significantly boosts battery life on certain smartphone models, potentially keeping your handset alive for an extra hour or two. Dark Mode which has light text on a dark background is better for reducing eye strain in low light conditions which improves readability.

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Related WhatsApp’s new update brings group invite blocking, text reminders & dark theme

With the majority of the screen dark, the screen glare is reduced, thereby minimizing flickering and blue light. Dark them also boosts battery life on certain smartphone models, potentially keeping your handset alive for an extra hour or two – useful if you’re out-and-about without access to a charger.

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The dark theme is available on the latest operating systems of iOS and Android devices.

In our previous post, WhatsApp had been rumoured to be experimenting on dark mode versions for the last 19 months now. The themes come in two different dark modes – with a third option possible on the way soon too.

The dark theme had three configurations and by early December,  two had been implemented. The fist dark mode was to adopt a configuration of very dark colours for the table and background. The second theme uses softer shades of dark colours for both table and cells background.

Other sources reveal that the pitch-black colours are to be used in the background. The grey lighter shades will be used for all the menu items.

With messenger rolling out the theme, there is a possibility that WhatsApp will be rolling out its dark theme soon.

As noted on the Express UK, WhatsApp is in the final stages of testing for the new interface.  The app will purportedly ship in two possible shades of black.

To add on, WhatsApp has already introduced a new call waiting for a feature and the ability to control who can add you into WhatsApp groups within the last few weeks alone. This feature was to roll out with the dark mode. This means it might be here soon.

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