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Twitter To Roll Out Conversation Threading Through The Twttr App

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Twitter has come up with a Prototype version of its app Twttr which creates threaded replies. From the initial tweet, you can scroll down and see the replies, and the replies to the replies.

This app is similar to the Reddit-style indent system. The current twitter interface is not easy to follow individual reply chains.

Twitter made its beta testing app, branded “twttr,” to test possible new features for the main app without exposing them to its many users in the testing stage.

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However, there is a likelihood that Twitter will rill it out the main application to help users locate conversations easily. It will make ng it easier to follow a set of replies under a Tweet and retain a clear sense for where you are concerning the original Tweeter.

According to a Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong, she notes that Twitter Web App is testing Reddit-like conversation tree.

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The concept first appeared on its experimental Twttr iOS app, and now it might come to the web app too! It helps to keep track of the flow of conversation.

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The feature will let users focus on a new Tweet by tapping on it. The change adds grey lines and indents to conversations on the network, delineating how threads have progressed and showing digressions and off-shoots.

Further,  Tweets from the original author in the conversation are marked with a microphone icon for clarity and authority.

Pocket-Lint blog notes that Twitter has confirmed that the rollout of this feature. Perhaps it will be rolled out in the current quarter or the second fo the year.

The blogs add that the version people have found so far does not necessarily reflect the final set of features that it will go with.

From Janes tweet, it stands out that many Twitter users are much eager to it have it rolled out. Few fans who tried out on the twttr agrees that they like how its easier to follow a conversation.

It seems Twitter is working on so many improvements lately. From dark mode now users can set their account to private, limiting those who can reply to tweets.

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