Huawei has signed a deal with Tom Tom to use it’s maps and services on smartphones


TomTom and Huawei have reached a deal to use maps on smartphones. This comes after months of uncertainties around the relationship with google following the current US-China trade war that caught the telco engulfed in.

The upcoming phones/software will feature Tom Tom’s maps. Especially the upcoming p40 series, speculation around it have concluded that the device might be using the map feature.

Google maps are part of Google play services which Huawei is currently unable to use because of the uncertainties around the china US trade war. The telco has so far come up with its own operating system” Harmony OS”.

The OS is an alternative to the Android OS they previously used. Besides, the manufacturer has also been building out its own app gallery. getting developers on board to make more applications available through its own channels, lessening the reliance on Google. Earlier on 55,000 developers had signed for the up to the HMS.

The AppGallery on the other end already has over 400m monthly users. Quite a potential market for a start. The Harmony OS is likely the future.

TomTom Maps

TomTom basically offers business-to-business applications such as meter reading and bar-code reading. Its business model focuses on creating location-based products that aid customers in navigation. Consumer activities are focused on the drive and sports categories; products include PNDs, GPS sports watches and smartphone navigation applications. a mapping data provider. 

Besides Huawei, TomTom has previously provided mapping data solution to iPhone on iOS 6 replacing Google Maps.

This is good news for Huawei consumers.  Huawei is clearly working hard on making its phones relevant to western markets, ensuring it’s doing all it can to make it a viable alternative to Android and iOS devices.

Harmony OS will work across a variety of products, such as phones, TVs, smartwatches, laptops and more. If Huawei is forced to ditch Android entirely, it has in place a backup ready.

The deal with TomTom means Huawei will now use the Dutch company’s maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop apps for its smartphones or other devices.