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Jumia Delists 390 Products After Price Hike Warning

Jumia Nigeria has delisted 390 products belonging to 168 sellers of hand sanitizer and face masks from its platform amid price hikes due to the ongoing coronavirus.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC)  issued a warning to sellers engaged in an arbitrary increase in prices of protective and hygiene products in the wake of the recent outbreak of coronavirus. Following the rise in the number of victims across the globe. Sellers have taken advantage to increase product prices for consumers.

Especially on sanitizers and hygiene products. Which have been hugely recommended for people to use in on a daily basis to curb the spreading of the virus. Consumers have continued to surge the prices.

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The FCCPC through the commission chief Executive Officer Babatunde Irukera. And Chairwoman, Nigeria and Head of Institutional Affairs, Jumia Group, Juliet Anammah. They on February 29, issued a warning to suppliers and retailers against increasing the prices of safety and protective apparel. For instance, face masks and latex gloves, as well as personal hygiene products including sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes.

The statement further noted that “This unusual and inordinate practice of unreasonably increasing the price of these (protective and hygiene) products in an indiscriminate manner. On account of the national public health concern. It violates both moral codes and extant law,” added Babatunde.

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“Abusing citizens’ sensitivity, apprehension, anxiety and vulnerability, especially during emergencies that could adversely affect national security is a violation of the law. Which prohibits ‘obnoxious trade practices’ or the ‘unscrupulous exploitation of consumers’,” the Commission said.

JUMIA further revealed that it has partnered with Reckitt Benckiser across Africa. The company is one fo the manufacturers of sanitisers in the local market. With the partnership, Reckitt will reduce the prices of their products on JUMIA. While the site takes 0% commission on all their sanitizer sold on the site.

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