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7 Ways to Finance Your Business

by Fredrick Gitaka
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Business is a highly coveted career option, and many people plan their futures around it. It may be the case that doctors and engineers steal all the limelight often, but progress is slow and cumulative in those professions. Whereas in business, you can cash in on opportunities and even multiply your fortune overnight. All this can happen for you if you have the wealth to multiply.

Most people that drop the idea of setting up their own business are mainly because of the lack of funding. It is out in the open that you need a substantial capital amount to expand a business. This amount covers the cost of registration, real estate, equipment (if any), employee salaries (if any), goods, and all the other things that you might need depending on the nature of your business. The problem with this situation is that most people are unable to raise enough funds to cover this capital cost. As a result, they have to bail on the idea of setting up their work.

Fortunately, ambitious people pursuing this line of work soon realized this lapse and came up with multiple solutions to manage finances. Some are prepared for this time from a young age, while others get the help of some family members and friends. Those who failed to do any of that started discussing solutions to financial issues when expanding a business. The subject gained a lot of popularity, as significant talent and ideas were going to waste with the absence of this privilege. Consequently, multiple platforms started financing small business projects using loans, or as an investment. With time, the network grew as there were evident successful projects executed under this banner. Moneylenders became as interested and increased in number in financing activities as the people seeking finances. The current situation allows most visionary individuals to get the best short term loan lenders for prospective projects. In the case of smaller projects, you are an ideal candidate for even getting an unsecured loan. These factors motivate people to chase their goals with even greater determination.

So, if you are one of the bright entrepreneurial minds who think they can score big, if given an opportunity but still contemplating about sorting your finances, then don’t. Here are 7 effective ways to finance your business.

  1. Assets

An easy way to finance your business is simply by keeping your savings in the form of an asset, like a property. You can choose to either sell it off or mortgage it to raise the funding for your project. Since the issue that most people encounter while trying to manage finances is secure a lump-sum amount. This way, they can raise the sum almost instantly without being dependent on secondary sources and executing their plans. Once you have settled your feet, you can start expanding and expect better returns on your investments.

For instance, if you own a cleaning business and end up searching for quite some time and you’re not very fortunate with the results of how to expand it, you’re more than welcome to click here and learn some more.

  1. Crowdfunding/Shares

Another great source to finance your business is by either going with crowdfunding, where your friends, family, and some other strangers help you get the minimum funding required to expand the project. Or you can ask a friend or a family member to join you and divide the expenses. It is a great way to expand your business because your investments would go down to half the value. As a result, you can afford the expenditures and start collaborating to flourish.

  1. Investors

A popular option from the variety on the list is getting an investor on board. You have to market your idea in a way that it sounds tempting and promising to people who can afford to cover its expenses. You partner up with them, decide the terms of working with them and start growing your business. Once done, then you can use your brains to turn the project into a real money maker.

  1. Credit Cards

In case you don’t have the funding in hand, and you can’t find an alternate solution, you can always choose to max out your credit limits. It may sound like a risky move, but if you have your finances sorted, and can work up a feasible EMI plan with the bank, then it is always an option. You can get the base funding for a small-scale project and grow your business. Who knows? After you have set it up, you might make enough profits to afford a lot more than just EMI payments.

  1. Downsizing

Businesses can always be scaled depending on the people setting it up. For small projects that are struggling to set their foundations, starting small and downsizing investments is an efficient option. You can cut down on costs that don’t qualify as the primary needs of the project and focus on meeting the bare minimum requirements. As soon as you start generating some revenues, you can afford to check other things off your list using those earnings. This way, you will be able to set it up and maintain a smooth flow of work. 

  1. Loans

The best option on your list of finances – Loans! You can ask money lenders or banks to issue loans against assets or even personal loans to shoulder the base expenses. Besides this, there are unsecured loans with high interest returns, or credit card deductions, that MCAs or lenders would entertain. You can even choose to promise a percentage of your profits as collateral to get the amount. Moneylenders, when compared with banks, is a faster way to raise funds and start investing in your project. You can explore your options and choose the most feasible one to grow your business.

  1. Pre-sales

If everything else disappoints you, you can start the presale of your goods or services and raise some funding using them. It may seem like a longshot, but some businesses started small using these methods and then expanded eventually. The bigger problem is to execute the initiative. Once that is done, a business can support itself using the revenue generated with sales.


These were some of the best ideas that anyone can implement while trying to finance their business. You will need to make some efforts, and rely on luck in some cases, but the best-case scenario always leaves you with a positive outcome. All you need to explore your options thoroughly, and you can achieve your goals.

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