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Is using proxy the right thing to do?

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Proxy has often been deemed illicit by a stereotype that has gone on for decades. However, before you do the same we want you to understand a few things.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a third party site that will allow you to access other websites using its channel so that you remain anonymous on the World Wide Web. Each proxy has functions differently, have different security policies and policy. Hence before using a paid or free proxy, you should always know what the implications are.

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People use the proxy server for a different purpose; it may be so that they can get rid of all the cache data so that they can browse smoothly, they can do things whilst hiding them because they don’t want a breach of information, speed up the internet or they want to use it to make their close-knit network secure. This is all that modern proxy is all about. 

What does the proxy site do?

The IP address is like your computer’s mail address wherein the internet knows the things to deliver what you ask for. The proxy server in this situation is the middle man who takes your requests the information on your behalf and gets it delivered to you so that your address remains unknown. This way the web will also not know where you are and make your data unreadable to anyone on the internet.

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Where is it legal to use a proxy?


The proxy also known as VPNs has different rules applied to them in different countries. Some countries allow it while some don’t. As long as you are not doing any suspicious activities and using it for the right reason you’re safe. Some of the reasons can be 

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  • Keep your network safe and secure
  • Using it to avoid advertisement banners 

In these situations, some counties have allowed their residents to use the internet. 

When can you be penalized for using a proxy?

If you use the Virtual Private Network for any of the reasons listed below then you might be in trouble using it 



  • Sharing copyrighted files 


Files that have been copyrighted by the developers/ authors/makers mean that only they have the right to give them access to others. So if you give a copy to anyone with help of VPN or upload for people to access then you have done something illegal. 



  • Accessing someone’s space 


Also known as hacking, if you gain access to devices or a network belonging to other people without their permission through VPN to cause them damage or steal anything then that is unlawful. 



  • Using the deep dark web for accessing or doing things 


Whilst the dark web is the dangerous thing to spiral in many people access it through VPN so that they can buy or sell things, download things or even get to access things which they aren’t allowed to then that is illegal.



  • Virtual Stalking 


Also known as cyberstalking if you use a VPN for that then that is also a wrong use of VPN no matter that your act is already criminal enough. 

How to get a safe/legal proxy?

You must have also heard the VPN are not safe? That is for the free ones which don’t monitor where you go and also they can easily breach your data as you give them your identity. 

If you want to use a VPN for the right purpose then we suggest using a VPN that can be brought. Also before you sign up for a VPN read through their contract carefully so that you fully know the terms and conditions. It is necessary so that you know what information of yours they are saving when you use them and also the legal ones out there will tell you that if you use their VPN service for the wrong reason then they can report you (that’s when you know they play a fair game). Once you’re happy with everything then you can sign up. 

Also if you are new and just signing up for a VPN then here are some discounts on VPN you can get. 

Before you go on start buying and using one we suggest checking your countries law to see if you can access one.  


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