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Why Citizen TV Journalist Willis Raburu Is Trending On Twitter

Today, Willis Raburu, a Royal Media Services journalist is trending on Twitter after allegations surfaced online that he had parted ways with his wife Marya Prude.

Willis Raburu and Prude separated after losing their child early this year. However, things quickly escalated for the worst after Prude learned that the Citizen TV 10 over 10 host was cheating on her with a Ugandan woman.

After news came out about the alleged break up, Raburu blew up on Twitter as people discussed his affair. He was even named ‘Kenya’s Diamond Platinumz’.

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Some took Raburu’s side, insisting that Ugandan women will end up stealing Kenyan men, due to their submissiveness, while others were less than pleased.

Earlier this year Raburu penned an emotional letter to his departed daughter and opened up on the pain he is going through. He took to his Instagram and he wrote:

“My beautiful daughter, some days are easy some days are so hard. Today I woke up trying to imagine what it would be like to watch you sleep, ( that’s the only image I have of you) what it be like you hold warm fingers, what a sleepless night would feel like.

“What it would be like to go to work tired coz you kept me up at night, who you would look like now? what color of your skin? if you would drink as much milk as I did when I was your age,”

He added,

“My daughter, you are an angel now, or so they tell me and when I look up to the sky sometimes I cry, sometimes I sometimes I laugh, I want you to make so much noise in heaven, or in the multi-verse you are in, I want you to have all the people who are with you there say “Yeap that’s Willis’ child” I miss you so much, it’s funny that I have a picture of you but even before I look at it, you face is engrained in my heart, etched in my soul, tattooed in my very essence.”

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