KOT Remind Kenyans Of Local Police Brutality Even As Focus Is On USA

samuel maina
image: Uhondo News

The heartbreaking story of George Floyd has made headlines across the world, several social users are raising awareness regarding black lives and riots are taking place across the USA.

However even as the stories of Goerge Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are echoed across the media,  Kenyans feel like many of their own are not speaking loudly enough about the situation back home. Ever since the curfew was implemented across Kenya, there have been several cases of police brutality directed at anyone found outside past time.

Nairobi News has established that for several days now, the police have been beating up locals as early as 6:50 pm to force them to stay indoors.

The most recent incident that has raised concern is that of Samuel Maina alias Maich, a barber who was brutalized by police officers who also allegedly stole from him.

Mr Maina said that the police started chasing locals as early as 6:45 pm as they brutally caned them. He was on his way home.

“This forced me to hide in a place until the situation calmed down and I went on walking to my house,” he said. Mr Maina says that were it not for the early ambush by the police, he could have arrived in his house in time.

Several Kenyans on Twitter have voiced police brutality against their own urging media outlets and more people to raise awareness and take action.