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Top 5 budgeting tools in 2020

by Intizar Ali
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If you find it hard to manage your spending and keeping your personal finances under control, you may need a budgeting tool to help you with that. Nowadays, there are many budgeting apps in the market for you to choose, which makes it even more difficult to pick one. You can try some of them to know which one is best for you. One app focuses on personal budgeting tools, while the other helps to track bills. One is special about giving the ability to assign each dollar, creating a total money management system. These tools will also send you warnings when you are about to overspend. 

There are a lot of things you need to control if you want to manage your budget, such as money management, personal finance… If you cannot decide which tools will be best for you, keep reading this article because here we sort out the best budgeting tools for you. 


Mint is one of the first and most popular budgeting apps in the market. Managed by Intuit, the same company that founds Quickbook Hosting and TurboTax, Mint provides many features to help you track and control your money from a large number of banks, credit card issuers, brokerages, lenders, and other financial institutions. It has many useful features, the most beneficial is its budgeting tools, which is put right in the front and center when you sign in. Mint automatically classifies transactions from connected credit and debit cards and tracks them according to the budget you can adjust and customize to your demands. 

It will also notify when the amount of money you spend exceeds your budget, track your spending by category, or check out your total cash flow to get a complete picture of where you spend your money every month. 

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is really popular right now with a lot of fans calling it YNAB. You Need a Budget is really special compared to other budgeting tools. Because it doesn’t count on traditional budgeting buckets but you can make your budget depending on your income, giving every dollar a job in your budget. By jobs, I mean everything including living expenses to debt payments, savings, or investments. This way you cannot leave any money unaccounted so that you have to think carefully about every dollar you earn and spend. 

This app is ideal for both individuals and couples managing their budgets together. It comes with desktop and mobile interfaces and allows you to sync your bank accounts automatically or enter expenses manually, and the ability to track debt payoff and goal so that you will be encouraged to reach your money goals. 


Wally is not so easy to use when compared to other tools on this list, but it really does a good job in budgeting. With this tool, you can easily track your income and expenses because it gives you a snapshot of your remaining budget so that you won’t overspend. This app is more popular with Millenials because it is free to use and provides both IOS and Android versions. Another amazing thing of Wally is its built-in support for most of all foreign currencies, which makes people who don’t live in the US tend to choose it. 


As it’s called, PocketGuard will guard your pocket so that you won’t be overspending. This budgeting app can connect to all of your financial accounts and helps you track how much money you are spending compared to the money you earn during the month. What makes this app a good option is that it is easy to set up and link to your bank accounts. It tells you how much you are earning, follows what you are spending on recurring bills and everyday expenses, and tracks deposits in your saving account in a period of time.

This budgeting tool allows you to keep track of each individual bill and find chances to save. PocketGuard checks out everything for you from recurring bills from phone to TV, and Internet companies and helps you find a better deal on your monthly service fees. It doesn’t only help you keep track of your budget, but it also helps you reduce your spending. You can also check out some of the best mobile coupon apps to save money in 2020 to save even more. 


Firstly known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid or EEBA, it was then changed to Goodbudget with the main feature of helping people share their budgeting process together. It takes advantage of the familiar envelope budgeting philosophy to manage your proactive budget for all of your bills and spending. 

Since you can easily share and sync budgets with budgeting partners across the iPhone and Android spectrum, this tool is ideal for couples who want to share finances, while being good for individuals too. This app is best to use on your smartphone, if you don’t have one, you can check out phone deals on special occasions to save money on a smartphone. When you put new transactions to this tool, you can choose to add a few details, dividing your expenses into many envelopes. You can manage your budget easily by category with up to 10 envelopes with no charge. Add money to your budget from your income and you will know how much money you have left so that you won’t spend money on unnecessary things. 

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