How To Create A Really Good Ad On Instagram


Do you want to create a really good ad on Instagram?

Unlike other social ad platforms like Facebook and Linkedin which allow many different types of content, on Instagram, the focus is visual. This is your chance to really showcase what your product, service, or brand is in a way that is memorable and unique. Since it’s more of a visual app, Instagram evokes thoughts and feelings that other content-based apps might not. When you create an ad it means you want it to reach a group of people but not just anyone, you want it to reach the right audience otherwise it’s pointless right?

1. Find images that fit in with your brand 

It’s important to make yourself stand-out on a visual platform like Instagram, but not in an overly obvious way where someone knows it’s an ad right away. The best option would be to have your own photos taken and on-hand for the ad. This will produce the most natural image for the ad. If you don’t have the budget or resources for that, the next best step would be to search resources like Unsplash.

2. Have very little text on them

They should also have very little text on them, not only to be visually appealing and avoid looking spammy. Ads and sponsored stories in the newsfeed may not include images made up of more than 20% text, including logos and slogans, excluding Book/Album Covers, Product Imagery, Games, and Event Posters. Ideally, you’d want to be able to only post an image and put the information in the caption and button, but for some posts, like an event, you may have to add some extra information.

3. Make sure the caption relates to the image

You want to make sure the caption relates to the image you’ve selected and gives enough information as to what your goal of the ad is without rambling. Make sure it relates to the image and resonates with your audience and brand. You want it to be informative but not give everything away so they click through and complete the goal you laid out earlier.

4. Use relevant hashtag

Use a hashtag to get your ad shown not only in your target audience feeds, but a wider relevant audience. Start be researching some popular hashtags related to your industry/service and used by your audience. Check out what kind of posts are shown in that hashtag and make sure it makes sense for your ad to feature the hashtag in the caption.

5. What’s the demographic?

Go back through your buyer personas and pull all the demographics of the persona that would be interested in this offer. Both Instagram and Facebook will give you information like age, job titles, interests, etc.

6. What’s your budget?

Once you’ve laid out a goal and audience it’s time to set your budget. How much can you afford to spend on the ad? If you want X amount of demo requests, what do you think this is going to cost? This part is where you’re going to have to do a little testing. The budget depends on how targeted your ad is, whether it’s a video or a single image and whether you choose to do a daily or lifetime budget.