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Microsoft Teams surpasses Zoom in video conferencing race

by Val Lukhanyu
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Microsoft Teams has surpassed Zoom users in the videoconferencing space. As of June 14, 2020, Microsoft Teams grew 894 per cent and Zoom grew by 677 per cent from its base use during the week of Feb. 17, according to Aternity data.

The survey suggested Teams’ growth was likely to stem from Microsoft’s aggressive Office 365 adoption push during this period. Zoom as well has had a number of security challenges including the latest encryption issue that have seen users prefer Teams.

Microsoft Teams has continued to make strides, features that drew more users, such as hosting meetings, creating teams and channels. File sharing is a key part of remote collaboration, and Microsoft Teams refined and made the ability for colleagues to work together easier. The key has been to work effectively while telecommuting.

Early this week, Microsoft also made Teams available for personal use targeting a new niche of friends and family. Part of Microsofts broader effort to remain relevant with its consumers.

The growth in usage share of Microsoft Teams can also be attributed to Skype for Business. Between 17 February and 14 June, Skype for Business’ usage share slipped from 76% to 45%, while Teams’ usage share grew from 11% to 34%. Aternity said this showed that Microsoft-heavy enterprises migrated from Skype for Business because of its richer set of collaboration capabilities.

A portion of the decline in Skype usage share resulted from increased usage share of Zoom (+3.49%).  WebEx (+3.49%) and Slack (+1.08%), further illustrating the growing collaboration app sprawl within the enterprise.

The Aternity survey further notes that the growth of Zoom has not occurred in the largest enterprises. Enterprises are slow to move to new web conferencing and synchronous collaboration tools, especially within Microsoft-heavy enterprises.

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