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Zoom Introduces AI-Powered Innovations for Business

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 Zoom has this week during its second work Transformation summit unveiled its latest innovations in the Zoom platform “Zoom IQ for sales” a product that uses AI technology to help businesses improve customer and employee experiences for the new ‘work anywhere’ workforce.

Zoom IQ for Sales is a conversation intelligence solution for sales professionals, as well as new Zoom Events and Webinar functionalities such as backstage and Webinar session branding. Available as an add-on on the zoom platform, will put engagement at the centre of the experience and transform the way we work, connect, and collaborate across the platform.

“These new innovations are yet another example of Zoom’s ability to bring new solutions to life quickly and seamlessly, based on the needs of its customers,” said Dave Michels, Founder and Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz. “With the introduction of Zoom Events, Zoom Contact Center, and now Zoom IQ for Sales, the Zoom platform is poised to make an impact on reimagining the customer experience, by expanding it to include the entire customer journey from marketing to sales to ongoing support – the total customer experience.”

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Zoom IQ for sales will foster Optimized efficiency to increase seller productivity with automation for next steps and risk assessments, and quick search functionality, integrate the platform with salesforce, leading calendars, and Zoom Meetings.

Zoom IQ for Sales
Photo Credits: Techcrunch

Basically, Zoom IQ for Sales will consolidate workstreams and provide an aggregated view of conversations and opportunities. Easy-to-use that are easy to implement for businesses. Thanks to Zoom’s intuitive web interface that makes it easy for admins to onboard users and manage their integrations and quick for users to view insights and recordings.

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Alongside zoom IQ for sales, Zoom unveiled Zoom Events & Webinar Enhancements the all-in-one platform that allows brands to create virtual and hybrid experiences.

Zoom has been gathering a place for speakers before, during, and after a session which Zoom is launching backstage, a new feature that allows panellists, speakers, and production crews to stay behind the scenes while viewing the live webinar feed, chatting with each other, answering attendees’ questions, and practising their presentations.

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Zoom also announced two more Zoom Webinar innovations that include webinar reactions and webinar session branding designed for anyone who wants to present information to a large online audience attending from anywhere in the world on any device

Webinar reactions and session branding are available now, and Zoom Events backstage will be generally available in late April 2022. The Zoom Events session experience is also available now on Zoom Rooms, allowing hosts and attendees to join events from Zoom Rooms appliances.

“Every interaction counts in a video-first world – whether it’s a call with a customer service agent, a video meeting with the sales team, or a hybrid event with customers and prospects. World-class customer engagement is where competitive differentiation happens,” said Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer at Zoom. “Following our recent launch of Zoom Contact Center, Zoom IQ for Sales, and our latest Zoom Events innovations mark further steps in Zoom’s journey to establish new heights for customer experiences and flexible collaboration across the workforce.”

Since the pandemic days when the app was on-demand, Zoom has always been keen to adopt ways to help its customers elevate their end experience.

Last year, Zoom Introduced Immerseview, a video background view to make video calls feel more like physical meetings an AI-powered feature built on the existing zoom features to bring customers into a more real meeting environment to add to other strategic investments that the company has made. Zoom IQ for Sales is a projection of Zoom’s increasing investments in AI.

The zoom platform will also enhance on-demand scalability where businesses can easily add users as needed.

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