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How to Use Technology to Enjoy Your Weekend

The weekend is yet upon us. Although the quarantine has made most days similar, some people continue with their normal weeklong schedules. That means that they look forward to the weekend to relax and enjoy themselves. Depending on your interests and type of personality, you can engage in a number of fun activities throughout this period. You can also incorporate technology in said activities for a better experience. Here are a few suggestions on tech related/assisted fun weekend activities.

Learning something new online

The internet is a literal sea of information on virtually anything life-related. If you have always wanted to learn how to do something new such as baking a cake, repurposing old clothes, juggling, or even completing a DIY home project, then the weekend is the best time to indulge. With steady internet connection, you can access tons of tutorials and guides on whatever you want. Not only will said activities help pass the time enjoyably, you will also get to add another skill on your life resume. If you have a family or friends around you, then you can turn the learning into a group project making it more fun.

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Take an online course

The best thing about online classes is that you can plan your classes to fit into your schedule. They are especially convenient for people with busy Monday-Friday routines. So you can use your weekends to take an online course and increase on your academic credentials. Whether it is for fun or for the purposes of corporate improvement, technology allows you to follow your dreams at the comfort of your home.

Catch up with friends

Again, you may barely have the chance to keep tabs with your friends during the week because of your busy work life. You can use the weekend to catch up with them through the various ways available to you thanks to technology. Like their instagram posts, send them a facebook message, send them voice notes and memes, or even have a group video call for a more personal feel. If you have the time to meet up, then you can call them up and do just that. Do not forget to take photos for memory’s sake.

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Delve into entertainment

What is a weekend without a nice movie marathon? When looking for a simple and quiet weekend, then immersing yourself in entertainment is one of the best ways to spend your time. If you do not like watching as much, then consider listening to your favourite podcasts or to your collection of music. You can even choose to multitask with cooking, or cleaning as you do so thus killing two birds with one stone.

Order take-out

You may have been having home cooked meals throughout the week and are thus craving a change on the weekend. Consider ordering take out from the comfort of your home thanks to the various food delivery apps and services available to you through your smart phone. You can even invite your friends for a take-out dinner to have a better time, and even make it a weekly tradition.

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