Java Mocks Artcaffe On Twitter By Also Offering Free Coffee For A Year

art cafe

Remember when Artcaffe literally offered coffee for a full year as compensation for creative work? 

The Kenyan restaurant chain went to social media to announce a new initiative dubbed #ARTofthecity. The contest was meant to give Kenyan creatives a platform to showcase their artwork. According to Artcaffe, anyone that won was guaranteed to ‘win big’. But the rewards part did not sit well with a number of people.

After several complaints regarding the incentive, they eventually changed the terms for prizing, and offered creatives actual monetary compensation. 

Recently, Java posted a tweet promising anyone who replied to the same free coffee for a year, clearly mocking Artcaffe’s efforts in it’s #ARTofthecity campaign. 

They however cleverly limited replies on the post, ensuring that no one would be able to respond to their tweet.

Despite this little trick, they still got a bunch of positive feedback, with some people falling for it, and others knowing exactly what they were doing.