Car Hiring in Fujairah


Fujairah is a highly developed industrial city in the United Arab Emirates. This modern city is popular due to its prime settlement on the coast of the UAE. The most beautiful tourist attraction is beaches present on the northside of Fujairah. You should Car Rental Dubai from the best local automobile company to roam around and  admire the beauty of Fujairah beaches. 

Not only Fujairah is visited by tourists but also by entrepreneurs due to the presence of a chain of the tallest business buildings. If you love to know about the tradition and history of UAE, you are suggested to plan a trip to Fujairah because of its small forts, historical buildings, and mountains. 

Though, some people don’t plan such trips due to hatred of traveling in public transport. But there is no need to wait anymore as Fujairah automobile rentals are provings cars on rent. 

Table of Content:

  • Can I hire a car in Fujairah?
  • What is the rental cost of automobiles in Fujairah?
  • Who is eligible to rent as well as drive a vehicle in Fujairah?
  • Rules for safe driving in Fujairah
  • Is it safe to drive in Fujairah?

Can I Hire a Car in Fujairah?

Yes, of course. You can rent your dream car in Fujairah. Hiring a rental car is the best option for traveling across Fujairah. Residents also rent vehicles to cover long-distance journeys. 

No matter whether you need a vehicle for a long period or hourly service, Fujairah car rentals will provide you an automobile with the best working engine. Moreover, you can go for a car lease or Monthly Car Rental solutions if you have a stay of long duration in Fujairah.

What is The Rental Cost of Automobiles in Fujairah?

The rental charges of vehicles in this city are budget-friendly. Many people claim that the UAE offers the cheapest rental services. Though the price varies depending upon the vehicle you are hiring, travelers can easily manage to explore new places by renting a with their residential accommodation in this city.

If you choose a luxurious exotic car to commute in Fujairah, definitely you will pay a higher rental cost than the one who is hiring a simple old model. We recommend you to lease your favorite model instead of renting it twice or thrice a week because it is the most pocket-friendly automobile service provided in the UAE. The average rental price is 40 AED per day.

Who is Eligible to Rent as Well as Drive a Vehicle in Fujairah?

Everyone can rent a car with a driving license and passport from the rental companies in UAE. International Driving Permit (IDP) holders are eligible for driving and renting an automobile in UAE. UAE residents don’t need IDP. Along with the International Driving Licence, you also need a passport and ID card to hire a car.

Rules for Safe Driving in Fujairah

Fujairah National Driving Institute (FDNI) also provides guidelines to residents as well as tourists on how to drive. You can boost up your driving skills from this institute to get a driving license in the first trial. Noteworthy is that the minimum age for availing of rental vehicle services is 25 years old when driving is allowed at the age of 18 years old. 

Is it Safe to Drive in Fujairah?

You can drive safely in Fujairah due to its smooth tracks. Its roads are developed with the maintenance capacity of traveling traffic lanes in both directions. But the actual safety of driving depends upon the driving skills of the driver. Most accidents are observed on the road of a single lane traveling direction. So, you should be careful while driving on the single lane national road, such as E88, in Fujairah.

Enjoy your business and family tours in this city by hiring an automobile from the monthly car rental company of Fujairah.