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Google Maps is adding a new feature to show current outbreaks

Google Maps is working to add a new feature that will show users locations where they are at risk of contracting COVID-19.

The feature shows where cases are increasing and decreasing and the rate at which that’s happening to guide users. It will also show options for transit, traffic biking, 3D and street view and other user data.

To make this possible, Google uses a combination of machine learning, complex algorithms and the understanding of real-world conditions. Which are based on imagery and data from government authorities and community contributions that give users real-time information on better ways to move around.

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According to notable device leaker Jane Wong on Twitter, she notes that Google Maps COVID-19 map shows a number of regions describing whether it is increasing or decreasing.

When in use, the COVID-19 Map will show more distinct lines between states and then highlight them in colour where outbreaks are worse. The roll-out will first start in the US before it’s expanded to other regions.

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This is not the first time Google Maps has had its efforts in combating COVID-1. Google Maps have updated most of its features including updating the site with messages to notify users to wear masks and stay safe. Google recently added new biking directions that incorporate bikes share services Following the surge in biking directions at the peak on the pandemic in June.

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