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WordPress to turn your blogpost into Twitter threads automatically.

by Val Lukhanyu
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WordPress will now let you post your blog post as Twitter threads or tweetstorms including text, image, video, and embeds will be inserted into a thread to your social media platform with just two extra clicks.

WordPress says, “we are now bringing the process full circle. With just two extra clicks, you can transform your entire blog post into a Twitter thread. By publishing your quality content on Twitter, you can open new lines of engagement and conversation.”

Sharing your full blog posts on Twitter is a great way to amplify your content, increase engagement, and build an audience for your work. You most likely have a number of followers on your WordPress blog who aren’t following you on Twitter, and vice versa. This feature allows you to tap into both groups.

This means, at any time while you’re working on a post, you can click on the jetpack icon located on the far right of the header menu at the top of the page. select the right Twitter handle then choose whether you want to share as a single link or post it as a tweetstorm.

Once you hit publish, your blogpost will be shared simultaneously.

For starters, Wordpress will pay attention to the blog posts formating in order to determine where to separate the tweets. Instead of packing the first tweet with as many words as possible, it places the break at the end of the first sentence, for example. When a paragraph is too long for a single tweet.

The option also allows you to post on multiple accounts if you want to post your tweetstorms in several places.

It also it’s automatically split out into as many tweets as needed, instead of being cut off. A list block, meanwhile, will be formatted as a list on Twitter.

To give you extra control, while you’re writing a post, wordpress will show you where Tweet splits will happen thus help you shape how your post will appear on Twitter as you write.

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