Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Twitter Makes Its “Location Spotlight” Service Available To All Companies Worldwide

All businesses worldwide may now use a new tool made accessible by Twitter to show their geographical address, business

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Will Be Paid $1 Million Annually

The India-born executive- who succeeds Jack Dorsey in this role- served as Twitter's Chief Technology Officer since 2017, and has been responsible for the company's technical strategy.

Twitter Rolled Out A New Feature To iOS Users That Will Make It Easier To Search Tweets Of An Individual User

Twitter has long since offered advanced search filters on its platforms, whether on desktop or mobile. This was to allow people who wanted to streamline their search by more precise parameters to do so. One of those parameters included usernames, and there was both a field for searching usernames directly, as well as a shortcut (

Twitter Changes Algorithm To Help Boost Advertising Business

Twitter announced new ad capabilities on Tuesday and changed the algorithm that determines which advertisements users see as part of an effort to build the basis for future e-commerce services, according to Reuters.

Twitter Accused Of Becoming The Main Source Of Child Pornography Spread

Various categories of pornography or explicit content that Twitter prohibits on its platforms such as child sexual exploitation and bondage porn exist after the implementation of its new policies

WordPress to turn your blogpost into Twitter threads automatically.

WordPress will now let you post your blog post as Twitter threads or tweetstorms including text,...