The importance of casino UX!


A discussion that needs more attention in the gaming industry is User Experience (UX). The importance of UX is obvious in the tech business but online casinos is missing out. By optimising the UX, online casinos have a huge opportunity to really encourage retention on their website.

Tech-savvy users

For not that long time ago casino websites would contain as much content as possible. The content would consist of different gambling ads, promotions for different games and information on what games where available on the site.

But then there came a change in the tech world and casino users became more and more picky on how they wanted the gambling site to look like. The users wanted casinos that had optimised their UX. This meant that casinos needed to clean up their websites and in an easy way guide their users where the users wanted to land on the site.

Put the user first

When you create a website using UX strategies you always have to putt the users first. UX is all about making the users experience on the website as easy as possible. This can be tricky on online casinos where there often is a huge amount of content. When using UX in the best possible way, you provide an easy website for the users and at the same time you maintain consumer retention and profit for the website.

A lot of online casinos look very similar regarding their layout and design. UX can help a brand to distinguish itself from the competition. By enhancing the users journeys an online casino can create a unique website for their users.

Details, details, details!

Details on a website is the key to create really good UX. On online casinos, the details are more than often forgotten about. By putting too much attention on different offers and games you can actually lose users on the site. Functions like help, game rules, contact information needs to be displayed as clearly as offers and games. If a user finds it hard to find contact information on a website it is not impossible that this user will leave the site instead of staying. On this site you can see different casinos with successful UX.

Consumer feedback

The most effective way of finding out what sort of layout and design that the users appreciate is to be listening to consumer feedback. The consumer feedback is extremely valuable. The consumer feedback can show obstacles that user encounters but also show the features that the user really appreciate. 

Before applying different changes on the site, we truly recommend that you listen to users so you can ensure that the change will be a success.