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WhatsApp Now Has A Feature Which Lets Your Messages Disappear And Here’s How To Enable Them

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WhatsApp now has a feature which lets your messages disappear and here’s how to enable them.

Some people prefer telegram because they can have a whole conversation on it and guess what? messages can disappear. WhatsApp is taking it a notch higher and now you don’t have to keep deleting messages because you have a feature which will allow them to disappear.

So what can you do with this new feature?

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  • With this, if a user does not open Whatsapp in the seven-day period, the message will disappear.
  • However, the feature won’t work for forwarded messages.
  • WhatsApp will also not prevent users from copying and saving the content from the disappearing messages.
  • You cannot alter the timeline, it’s set at 7 days.

This is all you have to do to enable this new feature:

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat and then tap the contact’s name for whom you want to turn on or off the disappearing messages feature.
  2. Now, tap the Disappearing Messages option.
  3. If prompted, tap Continue.
  4. Select On/ Off as required.

To turn the feature on or off in a group chat, the steps are the same, but instead of tapping on the contact’s name, you’d be tapping on the group’s name. We advice you to start taking screenshots of important conversations you may have or you might as well move to normal texts because all this secrecy in apps is alarming. Additionally, if a user doesn’t open the messages within the 7 day period the preview of the disappearing message may still be displayed in notifications until the app is opened.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waitherahttps://techmoran.com
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