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Twitter Launches Stories And Will Also Test Audio Spaces That Will Allow People To Gather For Live Conversations

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Twitter has launched stories and will also test audio spaces that will allow people to gather for live conversations.

Social media is always progressive and forever evolving and it seems all giant social media companies cannot afford to slow down. Twitter has joined the rest of the companies with their own version of stories known as “fleets” where twitter users will be able to post stories that will disappear in 24 hours. The new feature will be tested in Brazil, India, Italy, South Korea and most recently Japan. The company also revealed their plans to roll out a new app known as “clubhouse” where people will now be able to gather for live conversations with other people.

Challenges with “clubhouse”.

Though the new app will be a great way of connecting people all over the world, it has received some criticism due to the nature of live audio. One New York reporter was actually harassed on one of the live audio tests and another conversation lead to anti-Semitism which is a discrimination against Jews. The main issue would be how to moderate the live audios but this is still a main concern even for other social media platforms, regulating live videos or content on social media is a big challenge.

Twitter tries to create a safe space.

Twitter has been accused of not been able to protect it’s users from online abuse despite their several attempts to try and create a safe online space. However, Twitter seems to be well aware of the challenges because this new live audio platform will be rolled out to people in bits and not to everyone at once.

Twitter Staff Product Designer Maya Gold Patterson said:

“It’s critical that we get safety right — safety and people feeling comfortable in these spaces. We need to get that right in order for people to leverage live audio spaces in the ways we might imagine or in the ways that would be most helpful for them,” 

It is unclear why Twitter feels the needs to suddenly have these new changes in one go but the speculations are quite many. Some thin this new move is an attempt to try and save Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey who was meant to be ousted after the board declared that they didn’t see him fit for the kind of progress they were looking for. The company has fallen behind on social media and only this kind of progress can actually save the company. All in all, it will be interesting to see how Twitters will use this new features to their advantage.

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