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Tech Features to Consider While Buying Self Balancing Scooter

The popularity of two-wheel hoverboards is no longer a secret, in fact; there has been an increase in the sales of these self-balancing scooters during the past few years. However; buying a reliable and inexpensive self-balancing scooter or hoverboard isn’t always easy, you have to consider several technical factors before making any firm decision regarding your purchase. The marketplace is crowded with tons of models; it has become a very daunting task to choose any specific model of a hoverboard. In this article, we will try our utmost to jot down some of the most noteworthy buying aspects of a hoverboard that will make your decision-making process much simpler and easier.

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Speed is a very crucial buying factor for choosing a best self-balancing scooter. You should focus on those particular models that provide high speed to meet your daily transportation requirements. However; speed isn’t the only buying factor that needs your attention, there are many other things to consider as well that we will discuss further. Deciding on getting an electric scooter means you have the luxury of opting for more portable designs without sacrificing safety and ease of use. Check this non-conventional self-balancing one-wheeled design–...

Battery Life

Battery life plays a key role in the success of inexpensive hoverboards. A good self-balancing scooter should cover anywhere between 6 to 8 miles per hour with a single recharge. Battery life is a very important factor that decides how much distance a hoverboard can cover before the battery runs out. Before you purchase a hoverboard, make sure that it provides sufficient battery life to full fill your daily requirements.

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Safety Wheel Sensors

The safety wheel sensors are one of the most important features of a self-balancing scooter. A good hoverboard should include tilt and speed sensors with it to track the detail of every revolution per minute. With all these safety wheel sensors, it keeps the scooter balanced without any safety risk.

Charging Time

The charging time of a hoverboard is also a considerable buying factor that cannot be ignored while making any buying decision. You have to make sure that the charging time of the self-balancing scooter that you are going to purchase is less, it also depends on the battery capacity, and you need to ensure that the hoverboard that you are thinking to purchase is equipped with a reliable battery.

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Safety certification is a very important buying factor that one needs to seriously consider without ignoring it at any cost. Before you put your blind trust in the safety claims of any hoverboard manufacturer, you have to make sure that its UL certified by any well-known safety standards especially UL-2272 and UL-2271. If the hoverboard that you have finally decided to purchase includes these two certifications, then you can trust that brand or model without any worries.

Weight Capacity

Even though weight capacity is a non-tech buying factor, but still a worthy factor to consider because you have to ensure that the hoverboard that you are thinking to buy can hold your weight safely. However; it’s not a very common concern among the buyers because most of the hoverboards are not only easy to ride but they can also handle adults and kids as they are extremely durable.


Almost every second person is looking for a hoverboard just because of its remarkable portability that no other transportation system offers. The portability of the hoverboard is extremely great, it allows the riders to carry it anywhere they want without doing any extra efforts of lifting weight or storage related issues. However; you also need to make sure that you have decided on the right design and size of a self-balancing scooter because it directly impacts its portability.


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