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Best Cheap Linux VPS 2021

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Finding the best cheap Linux VPS hosting solutions can take a lot of studies, time, and effort. This post lists some of the most popular and reliable Linux operating system environment brands to help you reach affordable Linux VPS services.

What Is the VPS?

VPS refers to a virtual private server and is also known as a virtual
dedicated server. In this form of hosting, a physical server is divided into
several virtual machines with dedicated resources such as RAM, storage,
and CPU.

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A VPS server allows further leverage, such as the installation of the desired
OS and server administration. Due to the dedicated environment, it can
hold larger sites efficiently. Although the VPS server is often shared by
different users, there is a considerably lower number of users on the server
as a whole.
You should expect plenty of options to modify the configuration of your
server. However, you will still need to handle much of the setup and
maintenance activities of the server yourself. This may be a drawback for
certain users, but it is rather preferable for system administrators and
Linux VPS Server Benefits:
• Simple scalability;
• Possibility to add additional resources
• Segregated environment Provided for each user
• Ensure greater protection

What Is a Linux VPS ?

Normally, if you check out to buy a VPS, you will find that the hosting sites
have two different types of platforms and their services vary depending on
the platform. These are Linux-based platforms and Windows-based
Comparing these two platforms, you will see that Linux-based platforms are
the cheaper alternative on the market and therefore people are more likely
to use their services than Windows-based platforms.
The VPS servers you are using do not have any weaknesses and are very
stable. This is the main reason people demand more of these services. The
overall cost is kept low so that people get encouraged.
Cheap Linux also has a wide variety of RAM and some specific server
space assigned to it by the service provider. This gives a good range of
bandwidth transfer that is independent of anyone who uses it.
The Best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Services List
If you’re looking for the best cheap Linux VPS that provide more reliability
and security, go to the list below

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RouterHosting allows you to easily manage your VPS resources. The Linux

KVM VPS hosting services of RouterHosting allow you to instantly

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reconfigure and have full control of your virtual servers, making it easy to

run your website and services to your preference.

With each RouterHosting plan, you can take advantage of many features

such as instant setup, managing multiple VPS from one account, viewing

disk, memory, and bandwidth usage, full root access, editing account

details, changing hostname, root password, and VNC/console password,

and setting up reverse DNS and main IP address.

For less than $5 a month, you will instantly receive 1GB of RAM, with

blazing fast SSD storage in RAID10. You don't need any contracts to use

RouterHosting services and you can pay monthly, or you can get big on

longer subscription terms.


Bluehost is a great choice if you are already using Bluehost and want to

migrate to a better hosting solution. However, its also perfect if you’re

looking for a powerful and inexpensive VPS hosting provider.

Every plan comes with powerful features, including a free domain name for

the first year, a 30-day moneyback guarantee, free SSL certificates, root

access through cPanel, guaranteed availability of services, dynamic

resources for traffic spikes, multi-server management capabilities, and

advanced file management.

Not only can you profit from award-winning customer service, but you also

get a big bang for your buck and a lot of features that are not available with

other similarly priced offers.

Its VPS hosting begins at $18.99 a month with two cores, 2 GB of RAM, 1

TB of bandwidth, and 30 GB of storage space.


Vultr is a service provider for compute instances. It provides SSD VPS

servers for easy building and deployment of cloud infrastructure. Vultr

provides both regular compute and high-powered compute instances that

can be used for VPS hosting.

One of the unique advantages of Vultr is that it allows you to select from

infinite OS combinations. These include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu,

Windows, and perhaps more. You also have the option of deploying a

custom ISO.

Vultr VPS cloud paid plans start at $2.50 a month with 512 MB of RAM, a

10 GB SSD, and one CPU. Vultr does not offer long-term contracts. VPS

server accounts are billed hourly to the monthly rate cap.

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