Where Are The Best Places To Buy A Condo In Toronto?


Getting a place in Toronto can be very expensive, especially if you’re just starting your career. With the influx of household goods, high maintenance in the city lifestyle, and more people flooding the city, there’s no surprise why Toronto is bustling and getting more expensive.

However, if you genuinely know your budget and do a lot of research about the places where you can start investing in a place of your own, you’ll surely find the perfect spot for you. To get you started, here are some spots you need to check out according to your budget.

Below $1M Budget Condo

Understandably, we all move to the city because that’s where our work is. Most residents would prefer a place on the West Side of Downtown. That’s because everything is there, the hustle and bustle, pretty much the life of Toronto. Also, expect that condo prices are higher compared to other places in the city.

That’s why you should give a go to the East Side of Downtown. This area is predicted to be the next big thing in Toronto. Take advantage now as the condo’s pricing average to $758K. If you prefer a studio apartment, you’ll only get it for as low as $400K. Before others try to flock to the area, make your move now.

Budget Between $1-2M

If you’re looking into a higher quality of life, easy access to everything, especially for excellent schools for your children, Leaside is the place to be. Although pricier compared to other areas, you’re sure to get the best of everything. Located in Midtown Toronto, it’s close to all the spots around the Central and Downtown area. 

Compared to Mt. Pleasant and Lawrence Park, folks opt to invest a place around this area for more affordable condo and housing prices. In recent years, the area has also garnered wider attention because of the quality of living and comfortability that most residents attested to.

A budget of More than $2M

A home is a private place where you can get to unwind and reset after a tiring day. We all wanted the best for our home. So if you can afford a comfortable condo to live in, then why not? 

Check out the condos at Bloor St West Corridor. One of the most sought after areas around Downtown Toronto. Close to transit, establishments, entertainment, shops, and so much more! The cheapest condos you can get might be old and need some fresh paint. But for a price of more than $2M, you’ll get a brand new condo right in the heart of the Downtown area. 

If you’d like to check out some more hotspots on where to invest in your future condo, make sure to check out the latest listings from Condo Mapper. They got all the properties from condos, apartments, duplex, and stand-alone homes fit for your budget and needs. Make sure to set your filter according to your preference so you can get the best listings in your preferred area.