Google Reveals Top Trending Searches In Kenya And It’s Probably Not What You’re Thinking


Google has revealed the top trending searches in Kenya and it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

You’re probably asking “how do you know what we’re thinking?” that’s the thing, I don’t know but I can assume that if you’re a normal Kenyan like me there a number of things you don’t concern yourself with especially if it has nothing to do with Covid or better yet relevant national news.

So what were people searching?

In one month a lot of events already took place all had a wide range of emotions, it really depends on what side of the news you were on. Data revealed that Kenyans were keen on the Ugandan elections and this in particular is not surprising as the news trended worldwide, it was due to the unpopular fact that internet was shutdown and the election as a whole was devastating to say the least.

Other things that people were interested in included the death of the Mighty Salim and Larry King’s death. I wouldn’t believe the data if it excluded the FA cup which trended as second and for the football lovers most were searching the match timings and were keen on knowing when their favourite teams would qualify to the next round.

Mpesa transaction fees, serial killer and KWS.

I must admit that i searched for the new Mpesa charges which announced their new charges after a waiver on mobile money transaction fees under KSh 1,000 lapsed.

Surprisingly Kenyans also wanted to find out if KWS had been shortlisted among the 90,057 candidates who were to get scout positions. In case you missed this, the scouts will help in conserving the wildlife and safeguarding the wildlife environment.

If you didn’t search Lawrence Warunge then it’s safe to assume that you locked yourself up in a cave with no access to technology. Lawrence is the young man who killed 5 members of his family and claimed that he was inspired by the TV series, Killing Eve, this story topped as the 5th trending searches in Kenya.

Is there anything on this list you searched?