Instagram Will No Longer Be Promoting Recycled TikTok Reels


Instagram will not be promoting recyled TikTok reels.

I was wondering when Instagram would realize that their platform is being used to promote their competitor. Can you imagine if Safaricom shared Airtel’s content? To get visibility on Instagram you need to get in line and basically create the content the algorithm is promoting. Currently the trend on Instagram is reels, however many TikTok users tend to share their TikTok videos on Instagram.

Instagram wants their own TikTok version.

The Instagram group is encouraging creators to create content that can go viral, to do this you have create videos that can start a trend and that others can join and continue sharing. The algorithm will not be pushing content that are mostly covered by text, are blurry, have a watermark or logo, or have a border around it won’t be recommended as frequently.

In an email to the Verge Instagram’s spokesman Devi Narasimhan said:

“We’re building on what we’ve learned from Explore to recommend fun and entertaining videos in places like the Reels tab, and personalize the experience, we are getting better at using ranking signals that help us predict whether people will find a reel entertaining and whether we should recommend it.”

This will mean that if you’re trying to grow your following your content needs to be fresh, high quality, not recycled and does not have any brand logo on it. The idea as we can see is to ensure that creators make use of the reels and the library of music that Instagram has created. So if you’d like your content to reach more people get creative and create some reels.