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You Need To See Why Weetabix Is Trending On Twitter

by Shera
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Your favourite breakfast cereal, Weetabix, is causing quite a stir on Twitter, and some of the world’s largest brands have shared their remarks on the issue. 

It all started when Weetbix suggested eating their cereal with Heinz baked beans! 

As you can imagine, no one was for it. Most especially top brands including Nandos, KFC, and Dominos Pizza who shared their disapproval in the comment section. 

The replies were where the magic happened, as Twitter users saw a less promotional, more comical version of their favourite brands. It definitely makes for a fun scroll reading the snarky comments made by top brands.  

DSTV got in on the action

So did Domino’s

Even country accounts got in on the action.

Nandos seemed worried. 

KFC wanted to resolve the issue. 

Other brands also had a lot to say. 

Even Kenya’s own Farmer’s Choice Ltd joined in. 




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