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Biden’s Electable Hair: The Importance of Good Hair in Politics

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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With the Trump era finally over, Biden is now the oldest president to ever serve as US president. He certainly looks pretty good for his age with his trademark grin and perfect gleaming teeth. 

The Mystery Of Biden’s Ever Improving Looks

Not least, people wonder about Biden locks. When Biden first became the youngest ever senator at 29 years old, his hair seemed to be thinning somewhat even then. And to be sure, if your hair is thinning in your twenties the chances of it staying that way until your 78, is zero. 

It was the third time lucky for Biden running as president. The first time, unsuccessful, the second resulted in him becoming Vice President and the third time, President with a record number of votes ever cast. 

His ambition to become president never wavered over the years, nor mysteriously did his hair. Biden’s remarkable ability to not have lost hair over fifty years of politics raises questions. Those in the know, believe that Biden had “plugs” from the back of his head used to cover thinning hair at the top, decades ago, primarily to improve his appeal to voters. 

Trump’s Hair Failings

Currently being impeached again for insurrection, Trump has his failings in droves, and his vanity when it came to his hair was way down a long list. 

His concerns that the rain would hit his carefully styled hair was something he often raised to his enthusiastic supporters. It is claimed that on one occasion Trump attacked his first wife, after a scalp reduction surgery was proving painful. Apparently, her part in it was the fact that she recommended the surgeon. 

Trump was known to take Propecia for hair loss, as documented by the doctor at his annual health screenings. He was also always frightened of the wind, as his famous orange hair appeared to be entirely missing at the back. This was probably the result of botched work as it’s extremely rare to have hair at the top of the head but not the back. 

Hair And The Likeability Factor

Policies are one thing, but in politics, it’s way more than that. Likeability is a major factor. And looks seem to be super important to American voters. 

Either way, as ridiculous as it is, and it seems, hair seems to be related to being liked. Biden is every bit the silver fox with his grin and aviators. So, who can tell that ultimately in a country that elected Trump, that it wasn’t Bernie’s crazy hair and mittens, rather than socialist policies, that became his downfall in the Democratic primary? 

It seems while Biden has made a successful choice in having his hair transplant, Trump not so much. Trump’s unfortunate scalp reduction surgery was certainly not for the lack of paying. And of course, these things can go wrong. When Trump had his surgery, it was a long time ago. Whether it was the early nineties or before then, things have come a long way. Not least in terms of not needing a Trump-sized wallet to pay for a hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Technology

These days, 65% of all global hair transplants take place in Turkey. That’s an incredible feat by any standards. And why do clients flock in their droves to this country? Two things. Amazing low prices and excellence. Not just do hair transplant clients fly to Turkey, but so do hair transplant doctors – to learn their trade and skills from the best doctors in the world. 

Of course, you still need to check hair transplant clinic reviews, as there are always bad, good, better, and best. But with technology revolutionising the hair transplant industry there are now far better methods with far better results. It’s highly unlikely you will ever end up with Trump’s results with today’s technology. If you are concerned about hair loss, transplant surgery is a solution for many with excellent results often costing way less than $1500 USD.

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