Social Media’s Role in Marketing CBD Products


CBD products are already commonplace on the market these days, with an incredible number of different products available. Much of this success has come from the positive portrayal of CBD in the media.

The reputation of CBD in social media really cannot be overstated. It’s certainly helping to market CBD products to an ever-expanding audience.

But what is social media’s role in all this? How exactly do brands work with social media to market their products? 

Why Is CBD Becoming Increasingly Common on Social Media?

Anyone that has visited the internet any time in the last several years will likely have noticed the massive presence of CBD products online.

From advertising PureKana vegan CBD gummies to all manner of different CBD oils, the compound is everywhere. 

This is simply because social media has become the newest and best tool for spreading awareness of new products.

Furthermore, social media users tend to skew towards being younger, which is often the intended audience for many different CBD products.

It makes sense seeing that young people use social media platforms more frequently. 

Why Is Social Media Being Used for Marketing CBD?

Social media’s effectiveness is surprisingly frightening, whether that be CBD in social media or another product entirely. 

It isn’t just conjecture and hearsay, either; even the scientists are using it. A study by Tung Tran and Ramakanth Kavuluru for the International Journal of Drug Policy used social media surveillance to gauge CBD’s apparent effectiveness as a therapeutic product.

By analyzing what people on social media discussed when it came to CBD products, scientists were able to glean how CBD was considered. Furthermore, they were able to determine which brands people tended to use as well.

All this begs the question of trustworthiness; can you really trust what you see on social media when it comes to CBD in social media?

Should You Trust CBD Products on Social Media?

The problem with figuring out if you should trust CBD in social media is that advertisements work in different ways. 

Marketing companies typically conduct the deliberate, targeted placement of CBD into your timeline. Additionally, there are regular mentions of CBD by people you know.

For example, you can probably trust someone in your extended social circle gushing about the significant therapeutic benefits they experienced when using CBD.

However, the targeted advertisement containing endless praise should be looked at with a degree of skepticism.

This isn’t to say that all brand advertising is a bad thing for CBD in social media. In fact, social media awareness is the primary way CBD has managed to become so popular throughout the world.

While it is true that there are definitely companies out there looking to exploit individuals and provide an inferior product, there are just as many, if not more, companies looking to provide high-quality CBD.

The best thing to do is always to exercise restraint and look at advertisements and mentions found on social media with caution. Some might need deep consideration, but plenty of products advertised online are great; they are just trying to reach a larger audience.

Final Thoughts on Social Media and Marketing CBD Products

Social media can definitely be a bit frightening when it comes to product advertisement, especially with things like CBD in the media.

The critical thing to remember is to always investigate individual products on their own merit.

Social media is really useful for learning about new products, but individuals need to remember to research them off social media.

As long as people keep in mind the difference between opinion and social media advertisement, they should be fine when it comes to CBD in social media.