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Quest Food Management Services Values Translate to Employee Success

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Quest Food Management Services was founded in 1985 and since then has tirelessly focused on achieving the highest quality standards in fresh food service management. Today the company serves meals in over 88 educational institutions with an annual value of services exceeding $65m covering Chicagoland and across the Midwest in the United States. 

The Quest Food Management Services Way

Quest Food is ranked among the top 50 food management companies in the U.S. They are among the fastest-growing companies in the industry offering personal service centered around customized dining programs and the ability to deliver what they promise.

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Their mission is to provide communities with the freshest, scratch-made  food of unwavering quality through excellent service and responsiveness to client needs. Quest Food strives to build solid relationships with clients and industry partners and be a company that does what it says it will every time. So how do these principles translate to a positive work environment for employees? 

Quest Food Management Employees Thrive On Meaningful Values

Working as a Quest Food Management employee means being part of a growing company that offers advancement opportunities in a food management career. The company’s leadership works hard to be visible and approachable; they demonstrate that they care about and support their teams based on their company values.

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Quest helps employees become an integral and valued part of the local community, where they are nurtured and encouraged to grow in their chosen career. As part of this support, Quest Food ensures that all their employees’ scheduling and shifts promote a healthy work-life balance, with consistent scheduling a priority. It even strives to look out for them through initiatives such as the Quest Care Fund, a program dedicated to helping employees get back on their feet financially after the economic hardships of the past year.

Most importantly, Quest Food Management Services employees are given every opportunity to grow with the company and share its success. The company empowers all its team members to positively influence where they work by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to manage a successful hospitality program.

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Positively Representing the Company

At Quest, employees are responsible for providing high-quality food to schools and other institutions. But they are greatly valued in not just the work they do but also how they represent the company. Much of the organization’s success with creating lasting partnerships is due to how employees at Quest Food have done so well in showing their commitment to the following values:

Integrity – reflected by doing the right thing at all times for clients.

Responsiveness – by listening and responding to issues to provide the best solutions in a timely manner.

Accountability – by doing what they say they will do and accepting full responsibility for any issues that arise.

Respect – the company treats others as well as or better than they expect to be treated themselves.

Excellence – the company delivers the best service and experience possible when dealing with clients by meeting and exceeding food industry standards.

Bringing Varied Experience to the Table

Quest Food Management Services hasbeen building partnerships with organizations in and around Chicagoland for over 35 years. Among their leadership team, over 25 years of experience in healthcare and clinical settings can be found. Quest also has four registered dietitians as part of its staff, three of whom have healthcare experience.

The company knows how to build a fresh, dynamic, and varied hospitality program that will appeal to all members of the community. In fact, it’s easy to argue that they do so better than any other provider in the Chicagoland area.

Quest Food Provides Opportunities to Make a Difference

Quest is also involved in some 20 partnerships where they prepare meals at one location and deliver them to partners at another nearby location.  Sometimes called a ‘satellite service,’ it is not a new technique at Quest. 

The company is large enough to offer stability in the foodservice solutions they provide while also being agile enough to respond to the most minor of requests from their clients to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why many consider Quest Food Management Services to be a great place to start a meaningful career where they can regularly interact with and uplift their own community.

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