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How to set up Siri on your iPhone or iPad

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Siri, a speech-recognition software that lets you control your iPhone by voice, has improved with every new release of iOS. The voice assistant helps you in a variety of ways: make calls to specific contacts; send email messages; search for a nearby restaurant and navigate to your address. There are dozens of things you can ask about Siri, and here are some examples of what Siri is capable of:

Settings, phone, apps, facebook, email, clock, calendar, reminders, maps, weather, messages, notes, contacts, sports

How to set up Siri on your iPhone and iPad

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  • Launch Settings on your home screen.
  • Touch Siri & Search
  • Click the “Hey Siri switch” button to turn it on.
  • You’ll go over to the Setup page to train Siri to listen to your voice. Go to section of the train to finish setting up Siri.

How to train “Hey Siri” on your voice

  • Tap Continue on the “Hey Siri” Setup page.
  • Say, “Hey Siri.” using your voice.
  • Use your voice to say, “Hey Siri, Send a Message.”
  • Use your voice to say, “Hey Siri, How’s the Weather Today?”
  • Use your voice to say, “Hey Siri, set a timer for three minutes.”
  • Use your voice to say, “Hey Siri, play some music.”
  • Tap Done on the page “Hey Siri”

Siri recognizes your voice, and she’s prepared to go!

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