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How to view and manage your Android phone notification using Windows 10 Your Phone app

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  • First thing one get to see on your phone is a section called Notifications. This is where you will see all the recent notifications you received on your Android smartphone. If you want to remove a notification from both your Windows 10 PC and your Android device, click or tap the small X button on the right.
  • One can tell that the notification came from your phone by looking at the footnote on the banner: you should say the name of the app on your Android device and “through your phone.”
  • If you don’t want to receive all your notifications to Android on your Windows 10 PC, click the Customize button on the Notifications tab of the Your Phone app. You can still go to the Settings app and scroll until you get to the Notifications section.

The notification settings that you can control are:

  • Badge on taskbar
  • Display in the Your Phone app
  • Show notification banners
  • “Choose which apps will display notification banners” and “Choose which apps will notify you.”
  • The first link will launch the Settings app and take you to the Notifications & Actions section.
  • Your phone lets you choose which app on your Android smartphone to notify you.

Unless you want to get all the notifications from every app on your phone that can quickly add up, we recommend disabling those you don’t need.

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