WhatsApp Will Soon Roll Out Video And Voice Calling Feature On Desktop


WhatsApp will soon roll out video and voice calling feature on desktop.

A new report suggests that WhatsApp is rolling out of the feature for non-beta users. As of now, the voice and video calling feature was only available in the mobile version of the app but WhatsApp is working to bring the feature to the web.

As per WAbetainfo report, WhatsApp video and voice call features are out from beta this means that they will be rolled out to non-testers anytime soon.

“WhatsApp is rolling out calls for more users today on WhatsApp Web/Desktop 2.2104.10 release. Note that it might still take some time to get the feature, but it’s good news,” Wabetainfo said in a tweet.

WhatsApp is also working on self-destructing photos.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on a new self-destructing photos feature.WhatsApp was spotted testing the self-destructing photos. “WhatsApp is working on self-destructing photos in a future update for iOS and Android.

Self-destructing photos cannot be exported from WhatsApp.WhatsApp didn’t implement a screenshot detection for self-destructing photos yet. The same concept from Instagram Direct,” the report by WhatsApp features tracker read.

Other new features.

The upcoming feature would be available in chat till the time you are active on the chat window, the picture will be removed once you exit the chat. We have seen a similar thing on Instagram as well.

Before sending a picture, Instagram gives options to the sender whether they want the picture to be viewed only once or whether they want the picture to remain on the chat. WhatsApp too will give the same option to users if the feature is rolled out. There will be a dedicated icon for self-destructing photos. If the mode is turned on, it will remove the picture after a fixed period of time.