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Job Hunting? Here’s How To Beat Out The Competition On LinkedIn

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Are you looking for a job

Are you currently looking for a job?

There’s probably a high chance you’ve scrolled through Linkedin’s job search. But before you send out your CV, do you know how you fare against the competition? Do you stand out?

Here are a few LinkedIn profile tips that ensure you do.

1. Let recruiters know you’re looking for jobs

Are you actively searching, passively looking, or not looking but open to the right offer? LinkedIn lets you choose any of the above so recruiters have a sense of where you’re at in your job search.LinkedIn also lets you add the job titles you’re interested in/considering so recruiters can send you more relevant opportunities. Furthermore, you can tell recruiters what types of roles you’re open to. You can choose from Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Internship, Volunteer, or Temporary.

Simply turn your open candidates switch “On”

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2. Register For LinkedIn Premium

Just for the first month at least, it’s free. Doing this allows you to see where you stack up amongst your competitors. You can see other applicants’ skillsets, as well as their educational background. This can allow you to go back to the drawing board, update or refine your skills.


3. Take LinkedIn Quizzes

LinkedIn allows you to take short quizzes covering various topics. If you’re not comfortable taking one immediately, LinkedIn offers courses on the same. Read up and once you’re comfortable, take the quiz. Passing quizzes certifies your skillset and helps you get noticed by recruiters. Get started here.