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YouTube Will Detect Items Shown In Videos And Generate A List Of Related Products

YouTube will detect items shown in videos and generate a list of related products.

YouTube will detect items shown in videos and generate a list of related products to buy. Automated suggestions will appear as viewers scroll on the platform.The technology will allow users to identify products that appear in the video and search for related content on the video site.

The feature is currently being tested on some users in the US only – but experts say it could bring “huge” change to the advertising industry.

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YouTube said:

“We are experimenting with a new feature that displays a list of products detected in some videos, as well as related products, the goal is to help people explore more videos and information about those products on YouTube”

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An icon will be on the video.

With a “top-10 smartphones in 2020” video, for example, “some viewers will see an icon on the video, along with more information below, listing the phone models included in the video”.YouTube added.

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It began testing the Products in this Video feature in April last year. The auto-detection will also recommend videos by other creators on the platform that feature the products.

Brand designer Studio LWD founder Laura Weldon said:

“This could be huge, giving [YouTube owner] Google a large piece of the affiliate-link market that works so well on Instagram and could potentially put them in the same shopping space.

What does this mean for commercial businesses?

It will also mean that videos can be easily commercialised, which gives huge potential for small businesses as they can easily upload various videos of their products and then the viewer can buy.If this takes off, it could possibly signal the end of traditional advertising as we know it.

Beauty communications agency Seen Group strategy director Natasha Hulme said:

“Beauty consumers looking for product reviews and advice use YouTube like a search engine as well as for entertainment.

“This new feature could make it easier for beauty buyers to find products being recommended by beauty creators and make it less likely that products will get missed in content.”

This means that more brands will work on creating useful content that could bring conversions and it will even be more exciting for those who review products on YouTube.

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Vanessa Waithera
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