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How 5G technology will alter how we use our smartphones

5G is a new mobile technology that has the potential to transform economies, societies, and our fast-paced way of life. At least, that is what the wireless industry believes. They are heavily investing in this technology to meet the demands of rising data consumption and faster data rates.

5G provides several advantages over previous mobile broadband networks (3G and 4G), including lower latency. When using a mobile device, lower latency means less lagging and delays – and faster speeds. Its potential business benefits have already been identified. Productivity will include people’s ability to work faster and more efficiently.

Here’s how 5G will change how you use your phone:

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Apps will not be constrained by hardware.

5G networks can connect mobile devices to the cloud more reliably than current 4G networks. As a result, apps will be able to run power-intensive operations in the cloud and beam them to your phone. This means that performance will not be solely determined by the hardware in your phone.

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In a crowded environment, it will be easier to get a signal.

We’ve all been to events where, due to crowds, we couldn’t make calls because the network was congested. Such situations are usually aggravating, especially if you were hoping to hail a cab to take you home after a long day of fun. This, however, will be a thing of the past with 5G, as it has been designed to deal with congestion and crowded scenarios.

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Low Latency

Another significant advantage of 5G is its low latency. Latency is defined as response time. To put this into context, consider latency as the amount of time that elapses between clicking on a YouTube link and it starting to stream a video on your phone. When you click, you are technically sending a request to the network, which responds and begins streaming your video. Latency is the amount of time it takes to complete all of these steps.5G intends to reduce this latency rate to just 1 millisecond, which means that even 4K video streaming will be virtually lag-free.

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