ClinicPlant based in Cameroon offers farmers with innovative solutions for the farm’s wellbeing via their mobile plant/analysis lab in their smartphones.


Farmers are offered with innovative solutions that can improve the farm’s wellbeing in the Clinic Plant platform. They are offered an opportunity to find the cause of the plants’ diseases. This is through using the artificial intelligence technology. Skilled   agronomists and farmers lead the whole process of the diagnosis. These are people who have been in the agricultural sector longer and have got the experience. Normally farmers have not acquired a platform that can cater for them all. The help is provided but it does not mostly reach the smallholder farmers. ClinicPlant noticed this and came up with the solution.

Objectives that ClinicPlant plans on working on.

  • Boost profitability for the farmers, farm workers or consultants. The modern technologies will enhance all this. ClinicPlant provides the best agricultural practices, disease control and improved crop production techniques.
  • Taking note of the robustness of the crops. With use of 3G smartphone, you can take a picture and send to Clinicplant.They are always ready to help. The crop is analyzed and the detailed report data is offered. The plants’ species and the probable disease are also portrayed.
  • A ClinicPlant Disease library that gives detailed independent database for the plant problems. Treatments to be offered are also listed. ClinicPlant connects the farmers with experts that assists people find solutions to problems. Clinic plants’overall objective is to leave the human experts with strenuous and rare cases to deal with. Other diagnosis is left for the smartphone to deal with them.

Farmers have been provided an opportunity to modernize their agricultural practices. This is a move that will enable them leave their traditional practices which have been outdated. Africa has very many potential farmers who only need some training. Their produce will improve and that is why ClinicPlant sets its goals on helping these farmers.

In order to reach up to ClinicPlant you can contact them through telephone: 237 696960054.You can email them at:[email protected].