Moja Ride based in Ivory Coast offers inclusive services for the growing markets.


Moja Ride is a corporation that was started in 2017 under the Ivorian law. Their focus is   simplifying the payment method mostly in the transport sector. Numerous sectors of activities are as well being catered for. Through this the emerging markets can make payments and also account for their finances spent. Profitability is gained when there is a transparent payment mode.

The Moja Ride Outlets.

Services relied by the Moja platforms include:

  • Moja Wallet – this is the clients’ e-wallet which is a mobile application on android platforms. Transactions made with the Mja Carte can be tracked easily.
  • Moja Ride – It’s a transport payment and management podium.
  • Moja Pay –Merchants are provided with an electronic payment platform .TPEs are accompanied on a network that is fast and reliable. This is a 24/7 podium thus enhancing convenience.

Moja Wallet.                              

Making payments in the Moja network is enabled by the Moja card. This is an NFC prepaid card accessible at all points of Moja Ride sale. You can reload the Mja carte by money from your mobile phone. Another option is going to the agents and reloading the cash. After equipping your Moja Wallet with funds, you can now go ahead and enjoy the services offered.

The Moja Pay.

An electronic payment platform is provided for the merchants. It is accompanied by a TPE that is on a 24/7 basis.

A Moja Map.

The Moja card is the most convenient option when making purchase of day to day needs .Daily purchases such as transportation fee, petrol, shopping fee, etc should no longer be a worry.


Vehicles are provided with a fleet management tool that has an integrated payment. There is a provision of:

  • A terminal for payment.
  • Modified access to the web platform whereby you can check on the transactions made.
  • A recipe that is guaranteed as well where you can track your income.

With Moja ride, all services that used to be troublesome are now made easy and fast.