Home Startups Wellahealth, Nigeria provides a health cover for you and your beloved ones.

Wellahealth, Nigeria provides a health cover for you and your beloved ones.

by Weddy Thuranira
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Wellahealth is a cost effective and convenient health cover for you, your family and staff. We provide coverage for communal illnesses such as Malaria and typhoid. There is a cashback for stays in hospitals starting at N450 monthly.

A plan for individuals and families.

Basic plans are offered when Malaria treatment. You get the following benefits:

  • Tests for Malaria and drugs. At a monthly basis you can get tested at a nearby pharmacy .Quality drugs are provided when you test positive for Malaria.
  • Blood pressure test done and advice provided. Visit your nearest pharmacy and keep tab on your heart by accessing blood pressure tests.
  • Diabetes testing and advice. By paying a visit to your nearest pharmacy you can get your diabetes test done.
  • Telemedicine platform. Gain access to a doctor over the phone anytime. It can be through chat or a call.
  • Customized health tips and reminders. Make a selection on health topics you care most about. We provide you with tailored knowledge that keeps you updated.
  • Diet plans that are personalized. As Wellahealth  we assist you create a customized diet plan that suits your nutrition requireme

Business and Organizations’ platform.

This is a platform that saves you money as a business. In need of our services as a business just:

  • Ask for a quote. A form is provided which you can fill out and submit to us. As Wellahealth we create a plan that suits you and your employees.
  • Upon receival of the quote,A tailored plan with detailed information of pricing and benefits is sent to you for approval.
  • Staff onboarding. When you complete making the payment processing, you and your staff get onboarded. All of you can start enjoying the benefits.

To directly link with us speak directly to our customer care agent who will provide further assistance. Call us on +234 81790 45442.You can also send us a message on WhatsApp. Bank transfers are allowed for access to our services.

Wellahealth cares about your health as well the health of the people surrounding you. Working with you is our pleasure.

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