Vendease provides modern procurement solutions for hotels and restaurants in Nigeria.


Transparency for procurement in hotels and restaurants in Africa has been easy thanks to Vendease. In addition, Vendease provides an opportunity for food businesses to order anything they need. Reasonably priced products are what we offer for our clients in the food businesses. Cost effectivity is our focus as Vendease. Your business is our priority and that’s why we have a guarantee of great products. Be assured of making the right choice every time you shop with us.

We go an extra milestone to ensure that we provide you with analytics for backup. There is also a platform for assistance in decision making for your business. Restaurants and hotels can now order their food supply directly from farms and food manufacturers with us. A single source for supplies in hotels and restaurants what we encourage in Vendease.

Products we procure.

  • Proteins-Your business needs variety of proteins .Worry no more, Vendease offers quality and best priced protein products.
  • Fruits and vegetables-As Vendease we offer fresh fruits and vegetables for our clients. There is an assurance that we won’t disappoint with our products. Our products are directly from the farm.
  • Dry Goods-Dry goods and grains such as rice, pasta, etc. are among the products we offer.
  • Beverages-All types of drinks from liquor to juices should no longer be a hustle for your business. We got you in this as we provide this platform in one place.
  • Seafood-Needs for seafoods are now sorted as we bring these products straight to your kitchen.
  • Sauces and oils –Oil and sauces are products that we readily provide for sale. Examples of the items we offer here include Barbeque sauce, Chilli, etc.
  • Items for packaging-Vendease enable you to serve your clients in the best way possible. Packaging items are provided for in Vendease which enables customer satisfaction as well.
  • Goods that are processed. Processed goods like canned beans, tin tomato are made available for our clients in Vendease.

Payment options for Vendease are so flexible. Available payment options include: the pay now, pay later, pay on delivery option. In this way our customers are assured of a great experience with shopping with us. A system of buy now pay later has been created for our clients. Purchase our product, make use of our product for ten days and then pay us.

Customers love us and we really  appreciate and love them back too. Here at Vendease ,customer satisfaction  is our first priority. When our customers are satisfied ,we are happy and delighted. Work with us and we will be with you every step of the way. Feel  free to purchase from us.