Facebook suspends Venezuela President’s page for violating Covid-19 policies


Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro’s Facebook page has been suspended following his claims that a thyme herb solution could cure Covid 19.

The president will not be allowed to post for 30 days and his page will be read only because of violating Facebooks policies on corona virus disinformation.

The President had claimed that a few drops of the fake drug carvativir under the tongue could cure covid 19 miraculously and has no side effects.

According to Facebooks spokesperson, they removed a video posted to President Maduros, page for violating Facebooks policies against misinformation about Covid-19 that is likely to put people at risk for harm.

The world Health Organization has stated that there is currently no medication to cure the corona virus.

This is not the first time the leader has come under attack over Misinformation. Previously a post he made on twitter about another fake cure was also removed.

Such cases have been on the rise. The former US President Donald Trump in October last year had claimed that covid 19 was less lethal than flu. This post was deleted including another in which he claimed that children were almost immune to covid 19.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate studied over 812,000 Facebook and Twiter Vaccine related posts and found that 65% of anti-vaccine posts came from the disinformation dozen.

Facebook, Instagram, twiter and YouTube are the largest and most important media platforms following their big numbers as they reach more than 59 million followers thus most of anti-vaxxers target these platforms.

Venezuela Corona Virus statistics stand at 155,663 cases and 1,555 deaths since the pandemic begun, but there is a possibility of underreporting of infected people due to poor diagnostic capacity.

The president recently announced two weeks of radical quarantine including the Easter season as covid cases in the country are increasing and also amid threats of the variant that has been detected in the neighboring Brazil.