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Mother Rants On Twitter After Her Child Was Sentenced To “Zoom Detention”

by Vanessa Waithera
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A mother ranted on Twitter after child was sentenced to “zoom detention” and she wasn’t pleased.

Remote learning has thrown new challenges at teachers and students alike. While the teachers are struggling to hold the attention of the students during an online class, students too are experiencing Zoom fatigue.

For students particularly, it is very difficult to remain focused with so many distractions around. As a result of which, students are also facing “detentions”, not physical but zoom detention.

Mother was not amused.

A mother was rather exasperated to learn that her child was sentenced to “zoom detention” for not paying attention in the class. While we thought punishments are only confined to the four walls of a classroom, teachers have figured new ways to punish students on Zoom.

Uju Anya, a linguistics professor at Penn State University, talked about her child being sent to Zoom detention for not paying attention.

Posting a series of tweets on the micro-blogging platform Anya wrote:

“My child got sent to Zoom detention for not paying attention in Zoom 4th grade. The email said here’s the link to access the room to serve detention. I swear I’m trying so hard to take this life seriously.”

Anya revealed that she was notified by the teacher about her 9-year-old kid not paying attention in the class via emails. She was informed that her kid could not complete the assignments on time. Anya said that her daughter often gets distracted, plays computer games, ignores the teacher, or just signs off Zoom. She does not blame the teacher either but feels that “Zoom detention is ridiculous”.

Is there anything to be mad about?

Professor Anya’s tweet has now gone viral on Twitter with over 31,000 retweets, 3560 Quote tweets, and around 33620 likes. A lot of teachers and students who were not aware of the trials and tribulations of online classes have learned a new term called “Zoom detention.” It is debatable whether this should become the norm considering everyone is going through trying times and subjecting children to online punishments may not seem like the best thing to do.

However, this is not the first case of Zoom detention. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many cases of zoom detention and online suspensions have been reported especially in the west. A 12-year-old child in Colorado was suspended for five days for not paying attention in the class and playing with a toy gun. And this is just one of the many instances that have taken place.

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