Nigeria’s Babymigo provides right-hand information for expecting mothers and parents


Babymigo, a Nigerian startup that provides parenting knowledge and parenting questions and answers for parents who are trying to conceive, pregnant mothers and parents with babies from 0-6 years, is preventing approximately 830 women young mothers who die from pregnancy and childbirth related complications on a daily basis.

According to Adeloye Olanrewaju, the founder of Babymigo, he was inspired to launch the Babymigo platform after engaging in extensive work with pregnant mothers during his professional training years. Adeloye also watched his sister in law during her pregnancy and this was his major push to innovate a solution for safe motherhood .His sister in law was concerned about every little thing and wanted to be assured that her baby was doing okay. He noticed that pregnancy and childbirth are critical life changing times in a woman’s life. Having someone to help and guide a new mother in taking care of herself and her baby especially in the first pregnancy is very important.

In 2016, Olanrewaju was selected as a Queen’s Young Leader which is a unique network of influential voices who are changing the world.

Founded in 2017, Babymigo is an online community for mothers equipped with an SMS subscription service. Pregnant women are informed on prenatal appointments and their babies’ development is made known to them. Expecting mothers are linked with information from medical experts who have knowledge in the field. Younger parents are provided with tips that enable them to live healthier lives and make informed decisions.

In this platform, mothers can virtually ask, chat and connect with qualified experts such as lactation consultants, sleep therapists, pediatricians, etc. These sessions take place in their homes saving them the hustle of moving around. Babymigo has connected thousands of moms who are of the same age and city. Mothers with similar interests also get an opportunity to share their parenting knowledge to enlighten the others.

At the comfort of your home in Nigeria, you can easily get all the information you need about parenting and safe motherhood.