What Are the Key Web Hosting Vulnerabilities And How to Find the Safest Platform?


Whether you are a rookie or an experienced web security expert, you must always keep an eye out for vulnerabilities in the web hosting platform. Many companies unknowingly fall prey to different forms of security breaches, which in some cases can even lead to shutting down businesses.

The only way to stop the threats is by choosing a safe platform. From reading Kinsta reviews to evaluating features, there are different ways to identify a secure web hosting platform. It is also essential that you practice proactive and defensive approaches to knock down the attackers. 

Given here are some of the critical web hosting vulnerabilities that you should be aware of.  

Key Web Hosting Vulnerabilities

Security Misconfiguration

Lack of attention and maintenance to web application configuration gives way to vulnerabilities in security misconfiguration. It is essential to define and deploy the secure configuration to web servers, frameworks, applications, and database servers. Security misconfiguration gives hackers access to private features and data, which will eventually compromise the entire system.

SQL Injections

This type of web hosting vulnerability gives the attacker the means to access the application code or corrupt the database. When an attacker takes advantage of this vulnerability, he can read, create, delete, or update the back-end database’s data. The attacker can also inject spam posts to the site, steal customer information, or bypass authentication and gain control of the site. 

CSRF- Cross-Site Request Forgery

Though less common, this vulnerability can be very harmful to the website. CSRF can attack the site administrators or users to perform a malicious action unknowingly in the attacker’s place. If the user falls for this, the attacker can hijack accounts, transfer funds from accounts, and change product prices and values.

This web hosting vulnerability is prevalent in banking and e-commerce sites. 

XSS – Cross-Site Scripting

This occurs when the attacker stealthily injects scripts to execute codes on the website. XSS mainly targets the website visitor rather than the site itself or the server. The browsers may not identify the origin of the script and may become a victim in the process. With XSS, the attackers can perform any malicious actions like stealing session data, session hijacking, and distribution of spam content.

How To Find A Reliable Platform?

Compare Various Secure Hosting

Not all web hosts will be a safe platform or offer good protection. Then how do you find the right platform? 

One good way to do it is by comparing different secure hosting platforms. Evaluate the features of the hosts and read Kinsta reviews before choosing this or any other platform. Check for SSL certificates, attack protection features, firewalls, and CDNs. If you are handling an e-commerce site, check if the host offers you ways to obtain PCI compliance. 

Check Different Features

Before choosing a web hosting platform, check all the security features it can offer. The list can be unending from malware detection, server monitoring, two-factor authentication, attack protection, and security add-ons. 

Check Their Reputation in the Industry

The reputation can identify a web hosts’ performance it has gathered in the industry. If more people find a web host good to work with, it probably has good security features and options. 

So how do you find out the reputation of a web host platform? You can check Kinsta reviews and look for evidence from third-party sources. Confirm if the platform has earned web hosting awards from reputable sites and organizations. 

Do They Offer Good Customer Service?

As websites play a vital role in the business, any problems can affect the customer experience and drive away from the leads. In such cases, you will try to find a fast fix and solution. Only with good customer support will you be able to fix the issue. So, you have to make sure that the web host offers reliable round-the-clock customer support for the users.

More than the accolades and awards, customer reviews will help you find a safe platform. If a platform has a positive review among the users, you can trust it without any hesitations.