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Facebook allows posts to be transferred to Google Docs and Blogger

by Joseph Richard
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Facebook is improving its document transfer tool: after photos and videos. It is now possible to transfer messages and notes on the social network to other platforms.

It happens that after posting a critical thought or a long text on Facebook. Users can seek to retrieve the content of their post to keep it or share it on other platforms. The social network already offers a tool for exporting photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Koofr.

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The data portability debate

Renamed ”  Transfer your information “, it sends posts from Facebook to Blogger Google Docs and WordPress.com. You can republish the text or save it for archiving. Facebook explains that it has takes security and personal issues seriously. You will have to enter your account password, which will allow the encryption of data to the destination service.

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Facebook also announced that it intends to expand its partners and data types in the future. Nevertheless, the social network calls on legislators worldwide to agree on the portability of data. Which ones should be transferable? And who is responsible for the data transferred?

The answers to these questions will help clarify the rules and build a portability ecosystem that meets the needs of as many users as possible, regardless of their preferred platform. Facebook hopes that its new tool will help advance discussions on this essential point for Internet users.

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