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Twitter Is Testing Professional Profiles For Business Accounts

by Shera
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Twitter announced that it has started a new profile option for businesses. The feature called Professional Profiles will enable businesses to display specific information about their work directly on their profiles.

The image of the Professional Profiles shared by the company shows that businesses will now be able to display additional information such as their address and time of operation. Additionally, Professional Profiles will get two buttons. The first button is called ‘Get Directions’. This button will let users get to the specific business using the Maps app on the users’ smartphone. The other button is called Contact. This button will enable users to contact the specific business.

As of now, Twitter profiles show details such as place of operation, the linked website, and the time when an individual or a business joined Twitter. Thus, the new Professional Profiles with their additional information will help in distinguishing regular profiles from professional profiles.

The company also said that it has started testing Professional Profiles with a small pool of businesses in the US. It will expand this functionality to more accounts access in the coming months.

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