A Beta Version For The ClubHouse Application IS Now Availble For Android.

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As the competition gets organized to create its tools, like Facebook or Discor. Clubhouse is about to launch its application for Android. Too late?
Several months ago, the application was about to take a new step in its development. The tool for hosting voice conferences would be working on an Android version of its app. Until now, only iPhone holders could take advantage of it. It was on the firm’s blog that the announcement was made.

Currently, the application has not yet been made public since it is still in the beta version. If you hear someone tell you they’re using the official Android app,. Please welcome them! . In the coming weeks the Apllication is ready to recieve more users from Android Smartphones.To access the application, we will have to wait for a while longer. The company has not yet announced the overall rollout. On the other hand, it seems imminent.

Is it already too late For Clubhouse

Since its launch in March 2020, the application intends to make a lasting impact on the sector with meteoric success. But to do this, it must be open to all terminals and quickly. Currently, access is restricted, even among iOS smartphone users. An already registered member must invite each user. From then on, he receives several invitations that he can, in turn, share. According to a study by Sensor Tower, these restrictions appear to be largely tainting the success of the app, which recorded a 72% loss on its downloads in March 2021.

The competition in the market is now a bit rough and tough at the same time, as its model inspires many more popular applications. Facebook, Discord, or, more recently, LinkedIn are all working on a similar feature that should be accessible to everyone at the time of their respective releases. Hostilities will be launched before September ends with Live Audio Rooms on Facebook. It remains to be seen now whether Clubhouse will succeed in winning or whether its choice to reserve its tool to certain users at its launch will have killed its success in the bud.