Clubhouse is rolling out its new Android app globally this week


Clubhouse has announced its rolling out its New Android app to more countries this week .

Clubhouse is an invite only social media app on IOS and Android where users can communicate in voice chartrooms that accommodate groups of 5000 people.

Clubhouse launched its Android app just last week and it has planned a worldwide roll out this week ,beginning with Brazil, Japan and Russia by Tuesday, India and Nigeria by Friday and globally throughout the week.

Clubhouse was first introduced in March 2020 and was only available on IOS until a beta launch for Android in May 2021.

The app begun to gain popularity following the Covid 19 pandemic .In December 2020,it had 600 000 registered users but since January 2021 the user base begun to rapidly grow and as at the moment it has 10 million subscribers and in terms of valuation it stands  at$ 4 billion.

 Paul Davidson, the CEO of Clubhouse, recently announced an accelerator program which seeks to fund 50 audio clubhouse shows and that the next on the company’s roadmap includes in-room tipping for creators, paid events and subscriptions.

The app has attracted a lot of rivals including Discords stage channels which was introduced recently, Twitter spaces and Reddit Talk.

Despite the successes, Clubhouse has had its fair share of controversies because of instances of bullying, harassment and racism and also been criticized for inherent private issues among others.