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How to Withdraw Money from Skrill to Mpesa Instantly.

by Yvone Kendi
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It’s easy to move money from Skrill to Mpesa. Skrill to Mpesa has lower rates, is stable and transparent, and allows for fast money sending and receiving. To send money from Skrill to Mpesa, all you need is a free Skrill account. The money transfers are instantaneous, and the setup process is very fast.

M-PESA enables registered Mpesa users to transfer Skrill funds from their mobile wallet to a Kenyan bank account. 

Here’s is a guide:

  • Create an account with Skrill – Registering for a Skrill account is completely free and takes just a few seconds.
  • To transfer money to M-PESA, go to the Skrill iT page and log in.
  • Change the country field’s value. The gift will be delivered to Kenya.
  • Enter the number you’d like to take out. Skrill converts this number to Kenya Shillings automatically.
  • To get started, click the Get Started button. It will take you to the next tab, where you will enter your recipient’s details.

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